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Workshop 2, 20-22 November 2023

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

🌐 Decode Project Workshop in Milan: “Multi‐scale modelling of DCBs: approaches and challenges”

📅 Dates: 20-22 November, 2023 📍 Location: Milan, Italy

From November 20th to 22nd, 2023, our partner POLIMI organized Workshop 2 as part of the DECODE project, focusing on multi-scale modeling of drug-coated balloons (DCBs). The event lasted three days and the students had the opportunity to explore the topic both from a research and business oriented approach.

Day 1

The workshop commenced with a warm welcome by Prof. Giancarlo Pennati (POLIMI). The day kicked off with a captivating lecture on In silico simulations of angioplasty using drug-coated balloons, incorporating multiscale and multiphysics models combined with in vitro approaches. ESRs showcased their work, emphasizing acquired research skills and techniques, along with obtained research results.

After a networking lunch, a round table discussion ensued, focusing on collaborations in modeling within WP4. The day concluded with a lecture on the validation and application of computational models in cardiovascular applications by Dr. Rami Tzafriri (CBSET).

Day 2

The second day featured ESR presentations highlighting the acquisition of research skills and techniques, along with obtained results in WP3. A lecture on micro/nano characterization of balloon/coating systems for DCBs and its small-scale interaction with vascular tissues, presented by Prof. Pasquale Vena (POLIMI), delved into the intricacies of in silico modeling. The day continued with ESR presentations focusing on tools for in silico results exploitation in WP5.

A lecture on exploring software solutions by Prof. Nenad Filipovic (BIOIRC) provided valuable insights, followed by a round table discussion on the effective utilization of data across different work packages and individual research projects. The day concluded with a dinner where the ESRs had the opportunity to unwind and engage in informal discussions.

Day 3

The final day shifted the focus to the business-oriented aspects of the DECODE Project. ESRs presented their work, emphasizing research management, communication skills, and long-term career objectives. A lecture by Dr. Spyridon Psarras (UPATRAS) explored how computational modeling and simulation could benefit care delivery.

The event wrapped up with a round table discussion on career opportunities, featuring Mr. Martin Fawdry (BSL), Dr. Nenad Filipovic (BioIRC), and Mr. Mauro Ferraro. The day concluded with an operative ESRs meeting for collaborations and finalizations, fostering an environment for knowledge exchange and future cooperation.

The DECODE Workshop 2 in Milan proved to be a dynamic platform for the students to present their current work and share insights, while the diverse agenda reflected the project's commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering meaningful connections within the scientific community.

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