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Work Package 2


WP2 - Training [Months: 1-48]

UM The training activities of DECODE will be undertaken jointly by all the beneficiaries and partner organizations, while UM will be the lead beneficiary. WP2 includes the following tasks:

Task 2.1 Personal Career Development Action Plan (PCDAP) (BIOIRC, all partners, M6-48): this task refers to the reporting of all training and secondments activities every six months to evaluate the progress of each individual research project and provide timely feedback for project modifications if necessary. The lead beneficiary for this task will be from the non-academic sector, with an experience and current involvement in EU ITN research training programme, to increase the impact of the industrial sector on the PCDAP. Lead partner: BIOIRC. Associated deliverables: D2.1

Task 2.2 Organize training activities (local training and international network-wide training activities), as presented in section 1.2.2 and Tables 1.2b, 1.2c (UM, all partners, M1-48). These activities will be described in an intermediate (M24) and final (M48) report. These two reports will summarize all accomplished training activities, unavoidable deviations from the activities presented in Tables 1.2b, 1.2c. and mitigation actions, as well as each PCDP updated. The lead beneficiary of this task will be common with the lead beneficiary of WP2 (UM) to ensure the effective coordination and implementation of all training activities. Lead partner: UM. Associated deliverables: D2.2, D2.3

Task 2.3 Measures to improve doctoral training on European level and beyond. These measures will be described in the final training report to indicate the impact of DECODE on European level and beyond (POLIMI, all partners, M1-48). Lead partner: POLIMI. Associated deliverables: D2.3 Task 2.4 Award doctoral degrees (UOI, all partners, M48). This task will present the framework and actions for the award of a doctoral degree to all ESRs as summarized in section 1.3.2 and Table 1.2d). Lead partner: UOI. Associated deliverables: D2.1, D2.3, D2.4

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