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“Key Challenges in the European Market of drug eluting devices” Webinar

Our partner Boston Scientific organized the “Key challenges in the European Market of drug eluting devices” webinar on Friday 29 September 2023. All ESRs and PIs were welcome to join and actively participate.

The main topics that were presented and discussed during the webinar were:

  • the state of the market, an overview, and market’s dynamics over time,

  • the device differences,

  • the key customers that BSL is engaged with, their profiles and the challenges faced,

  • the importance of clinical data and the treatment guidelines that we see in Europe

  • in spot on market access and reimbursement.

The response of the audience in the Q&A section that followed each lecturer’s presentation was very satisfactory, since our students were engrossed in the topics discussed and very keen on learning more on the subjects.

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