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"Hands-on Training Course 1" Impression of ESR11 Hassan Saeed

"The Hands-on Training Course organized by Boston Scientific in Galway, Ireland, was an extensive program encompassing various seminars and tours. The seminars covered diverse topics, starting with anatomy training in a cadaver lab and delving into an overview of BSC and its products. Detailed insights into PI drug-eluting technologies like Eluvia and Ranger showcased their capabilities and unique features, emphasizing their clinical applications.

Additionally, sessions on product manufacturing controls, balloon technology, and the Mustang product provided a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in medical device production. The inclusion of discussions on innovation and intellectual property in the industry broadened the perspective on the technological landscape.

The tours of manufacturing lines and test facilities were insightful, allowing participants to witness firsthand the processes involved in producing Eluvia drug-eluting stents, balloon catheters, and Mustang balloons. These tours provided practical exposure and a comprehensive view of the technology, complementing the theoretical knowledge gained from the seminars.

Overall, the training course appeared to be an immersive and informative experience, offering a blend of theoretical insights and practical demonstrations, showcasing Boston Scientific's advancements in the medical technology sphere."

Hassan Saeed

ESR11, MedApp

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