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Decode Impressions

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

"The Workshop 3 & 3rd Summer School held from July 3rd to 9th, 2023, in Ioannina, Greece, proved to be an exceptional experience. Offering a forward-thinking perspective, it successfully highlighted the incredible potential at the intersection of digital technology and healthcare.

The presentations showcased how innovative use of digital tools and computer simulations can radically transform the future of medicine, paving the way for personalized treatment planning and improved patient outcomes. It was remarkable to see how these advancements can lead to safer, more efficient practices in both diagnosis and treatment procedures.

There were also discussions about the transformative impact of immersive technologies in medical procedures. These sessions opened a world where enhanced precision and immersive visualization could revolutionize the way surgeries are performed.

Overall, the workshop and summer school served as a revealing insight into the fusion of healthcare and digital technologies, highlighting the transformative possibilities inherent in this field."


"From July 3rd to 6th 2023, the University of Ioannina and MedLab successfully conducted the 3rd Summer School at the Culture & Vocational Center "Stavros Niarchos" under the theme of "Computer Aided Diagnosis and Therapy of Peripheral Artery Disease." Experts from various disciplines, including Imaging, fluid dynamics, 3D reconstruction from CTs, and plaque growth modeling, delivered insightful presentations during the program.

The speakers exhibited great enthusiasm while presenting their work, introducing novel ideas implemented in diverse projects, and effectively conveying key take-home messages to the Early-Stage Researchers. Notably, the majority of the presentations fostered high levels of interactivity, facilitating constructive discussions among the participants. This dynamic exchange of ideas fostered a fruitful brainstorming seminar and enabled the exploration of new collaborative opportunities with the speakers.

Regarding the organization of the event, careful attention was given to every detail. Attendees were provided with necklace badges featuring their credentials, and even received summer school DECODE logo t-shirts. Furthermore, the participants enjoyed sumptuous meals, refreshing coffee breaks, and a memorable dinner at a unique venue. However, it was the dedication and care exhibited by each member of the organizing committee that truly made this event special. We thank the University of Ioannina and MedLab for their hospitality and eagerly anticipate future opportunities to return."


"DECODE ESRs were invited to the beautiful city of Ioannina in the mountains of Greece by Prof. Fotiadis and his MedLab team to attend the Workshop 3 on the weekend from Friday 7th July until Sunday 9th July 2023.

The lectures of the workshop focused on the application of mathematical and computational models on different medical and biological processes. The speakers were partly from the DECODE consortium and partly from the University of Ioannina.

Prof. Fotiadis and his team made sure that the program hosts a great variety of topics, reaching from neuronal networks to multiscale modelling up to the use of holography in surgery.

For me, as someone with very limited background in computational modelling and simulation, it was fascinating to see the possibilities of risk prediction and even InSilico trials through modelling. Through the main focus on medical science, I did not get lost during the lectures, despite a lot of mathematical equations.

My personal highlight (and I believe of many ESRs) was the hands-on demonstration of MedApps holographic algorithm with the Microsoft HoloLens on Sunday afternoon.

All in all, Prof. Fotiadis and his team did everything to host an interesting workshop and make us feel well at a hot summer weekend in Ioannina. The passion for science and the striving for excellence of his team in Ioannina was contagious and I returned back to Athens even more motivated to deliver research results with the same high quality for our DECODE project!"

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