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"Current trends in Computational modelling" Impression of ESR1

"The "Current Trends in Computational Modelling" webinar, organized by POLIMI on March 20th, provided an insightful overview of the pivotal role that computational models play in advancing healthcare, closely aligning with the objectives of the DECODE Project.

The session on patient-specific modeling for endovascular thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke highlighted the critical role of high-fidelity models in simulating medical procedures. Emphasizing the tailoring of treatments to individual patient needs underscores a core principle of the DECODE Project—advancing personalized medical technologies through precision and innovation.

The discussion on in silico models for stroke trials offered valuable insights into their potential to simulate clinical scenarios, facilitating a better understanding of treatment strategies under virtual conditions. This capability is essential for enhancing predictive models and improving clinical outcomes, which are central to our project's goals.

The second part of the webinar, focusing on μCT-based modeling for bone tissue engineering, delved into computational techniques used to design personalized medical implants. This session provided a detailed exploration of how these models support the creation of innovative solutions for regenerative medicine, aligning with the DECODE Project’s commitment to pioneering new technologies in the medical field.

Overall, the webinar was not only informative but also inspiring, clearly illustrating the transformative potential of computational modeling in medical research and patient care."

Mohammed A. Abo Arab


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