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"Current trends in computational modelling" Webinar

The recent webinar titled "Current Trends in Computational Modelling", organized by partner POLIMI offered a concise yet illuminating exploration into two pivotal biomedical applications leveraging precise models derived from specific imaging data.

Commencing with Prof. Giancarlo Pennati's introduction, the session underscored the significance of accurate models in biomedical contexts. Prof. Giulia Luraghi then explored the intricacies of patient-specific modelling for endovascular thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke, showcasing how computational techniques enhance treatment strategies tailored to individual patients. Following a brief intermission for networking and reflection, Mr. Luca D'Andrea elucidated the innovative use of microCT-based modelling in devising devices for bone tissue engineering, highlighting the potential for personalized implants and scaffolds to revolutionize regenerative medicine.

The presentations during the webinar shed light on the significant potential of computational modeling in healthcare, thereby providing crucial and essential insights to the DECODE ESRs.

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