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3rd DECODE Summer School & Workshop 3, UOI 3 - 9 July 2023

On Monday July 3rd our ESRs travelled to Ioannina, Greece and were welcomed by our coordinator Prof. Fotiadis and his team at the “Stavros Niarchos” Culture & Vocational Center for the purpose to attend the 3rd Summer School and Workshop 3. The training events entitled “Computer-Aided Diagnosis and therapy of Peripheral Artery Disease” and “DCBs: the future of Peripheral Artery Disease treatment?” focused on the enhancement and expansion of knowledge in various topics related to the main research field, such as:

· The peripheral arterial disease

· Aspects of vessel hemodynamics: modelling in physiology and pathology condition

· Multimodality imaging of peripheral arteries

· ML in non-imaging data

· In-silico multiscale modeling of Carorid Artery Disease

· Plaque Growth Modeling

· CT 3D Reconstruction

· In silico Drug Eluting Stent Deployment

· Modelling and scaffold-aided bone tissue regeneration

· Large scale simulation, data converters and integration

Aside from the fascinating lectures, our students had the chance to participate in lively discussions and take the floor to present their work performed throughout this past year. During Workshop 3, together with UOI which organized both training activities, , professors from partners BIOIRC and MedApp contributed with their expertise, thus providing an immensely valuable course to our students.

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