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13th HSTAM2022 in Patras Greece, 24-27/08/2022

During the HSTAM 2022 conference held at the University of Patras, our colleagues presented the research activities and current results of the DECODE project.

Dr. Vassiliki Potsika presented "Development of a cloud platform for the improved treatment of peripheral artery disease".

Prof. Nenad Filipović presented "Modeling of nonlinear interaction for balloon-arterial wall during an angioplasty of a stenotic peripheral artery".

Elisabetta Stretti presented "Computational modeling of drug-coated balloons implanted in arteries with heterogeneous tissue composition: assessment of vessel pre-dilation influence on drug delivery parameters".

Nikola Petrović presented "Tool for peripheral artery segmentation and reconstruction from angiography images".

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