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"Key challenges in the European Market of drug eluting devices" Impression of ESR Dimitris Zantzas

"The webinar organized by Boston Scientific Limited (BSL) under the title "Key Challenges in the European Market of drug eluting devices" on September 29 aimed to provide Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) with crucial insights of the key challenges that drug eluting devices face within the European market. Dr Reyhaneh Shirazi, alongside her colleagues from various departments at BSL brought together their extensive knowledge and shared valuable insights regarding the medical device market.

During the webinar, we had the opportunity to get informed about the state-of-the-art endovascular treatments for peripheral artery disease (PAD) including the percentage of each treatment and the position of drug eluting devices within this ratio. Acquiring valuable market insights and acknowledging the technology's potential has convinced us that it holds all the attributes to become the preferred treatment option for PAD. We also had the opportunity to observe the potential evolution of this technology and the involvement of both small and large companies in shaping its trajectory. Exceptional attention has been given to the importance of clinical trials and their outcomes to validate that the device can truly influence the device market, by showcasing its effectiveness from a clinical standpoint. Through the webinar, we gained information about both the customer profile and their needs, as well as the barriers we encounter when introducing a device to the market. This knowledge will help us during the preparation and initiation of the design of such a device. Finally, we learn that each country in the European region has its unique approach for accepting devices into their market, influenced by their healthcare system and economic factors. This prompted us to remember that gaining access for a device in a particular country is not solely contingent on the technology of the device but is also intricately linked to the specifics of each individual market.

My key takeaways from participating in this webinar are that it proved to be an enriching and rewarding experience. It provided a distinct opportunity to broaden my knowledge, establish connections with experts in the medical device field, and interact with like-minded individuals.

I would like to thank the organizers and speakers for arranging this insightful event. The webinar delivered critical information and highlighted the challenges that need to be considered when striving to develop a successful device. It was an informative and enriching experience that will undoubtedly benefit our future endeavors in this field".

Dimitris Zantzas


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