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"Introduction to Deep Learning in Image Processing and Analysis with Live Coding" Impression of ESR8

"On December 5th 2023, DECODE Project partner MedApp from Poland has organized a webseminar with the topic “Introduction to Deep Learning in Image Processing and Analysis with Live Coding”. The seminar consisted of three distinct segments in order to make it possible for all ESRs to follow regardless of their background.

The introductory segment elucidated the fundamental principles of applying deep learning to medical image analysis. Following this, the second segment delved into the domain of medical image segmentation, providing ESRs with comprehensive understanding of this sophisticated aspect of technology. Given my particular interest in the application of artificial intelligence and medicine, the insights gained from these lectures significantly expanded my comprehension, particularly in the field of medical image segmentation.

The most interesting part of the webinar was the live coding session, where theoretical constructs transitioned into tangible applications. This practical demonstration of segmentation pipeline using MONAI framework made it easy for all ESRs to better grasp the concept.

This webseminar not only deepened our understanding of AI applications within the DECODE Project but also unveiled the methodologies employed by our fellow ESRs whose projects are devoted to segmentation."

Lemana Spahić


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