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"How to write a successful Grant Application and Research Paper" Impression of ESR Ravipati Priusha

“The webinar on how to write a successful grant application and research paper provided by Professor Dimitrios I. Fotiadis from University of Ioannina was very insightful to us Early stage researchers considering how important it is to our careers as researchers. As researchers, we always want our ideas or hypothesis to be heard and to be tested. The first step to acquire funding to put our ideas into actions with the goal of positively impacting the society is to write a successful grant application.

Professor Fotiadis has provided us with some very important tips on writing a grant application especially focusing on European project calls and comparing it with Marie Curie projects. The structure of the grant application which includes the sections of excellence, impact and implementation was very explained and has provided us information on every aspect that needs to be focused on. I have understood that it is very important to clearly and in detail to explain the project idea, the underlying concepts, the objectives, the importance of collaborative partners and their expertise in pushing the project ahead towards innovativeness and the impact the project would have. It has really helped us have an overall idea of writing a grant application that will be very useful for us in our future.

As important as it is to conceptualize an idea, to acquire funding and to perform experiments to prove or disapprove a hypothesis, it is also very important to present the research project results in the right way to the both the scientific and non-scientific community through research papers. Professor Fotiadis has given us tips on how to write a research paper by explaining its structure and the importance of clearly presenting the results and explaining them in a language that is easily understood by the readers. I would like to thank Professor Fotiadis for this webinar. I believe it will be very useful for us in communicating our research work to the world.”

Ravipati Priusha


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