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"Hands-on Training Course 3" Impressions

"From May 13th till May 17th,, DECODE Project partner MedApp from Poland has organized a Hands-on Training Course with a core purpose to introduce us to the fundamentals of Mixed Reality. The training consisted of both theoretical and practical examples of Mixed Reality and ESRs were encouraged to try to develop a simple application regardless of their background.

Firstly, an introduction to Mixed Reality was made with the aim to show ESRs the core principles and parts of Mixed Reality. After the introduction of the development kit, all of the ESRs, regardless of their backgrounds, were encouraged to start exploring the technology with the help of experts from MedApp.

As a result of this interactive training course, I got to experience Mixed Reality through my own way and I was left inspired to explore the technology with newly acquired skills to implement in my professional journey."

Miloš Anić


"The 3rd DECODE Hands-on training took place from the 13th-17th of May in Krakow, the cultural and academic capital of Poland. Our industrial collaboration partner MedApp invited the ESRs to a 5-day workshop to learn about 3D visualization and programming in mixed reality.

The first days were focused on lectures on mixed reality and an introduction to the game programming platform “Unity”. The theory was soon complemented with hands-on work, for which the students were divided into groups and received the task to build a small program in “Unity”, that could be displayed in augmented reality with the HoloLens.


For me, as someone with very limited background in programming and mixed reality, this was a great opportunity to understand the concepts and possibilities of programming and visualizing in mixed reality. The very proficient tutors supported when needed and all in all, the organizers accomplished to create a fun and playful atmosphere, that helped being introduced to the rather complex task of programming for augmented reality.

As the grand finale of the training, each group got the chance to present their work in a “start-up pitch contest”. This gave the opportunity to summarize the progress made during the week and in parallel practicing presentation skills.  

I really enjoyed this hands-on training and I would like to congratulate MedApp for organizing an event that was stimulating and fun for students with very diverse background on programming. Once again, I return home from a DECODE event with my horizon expended a little more about what is possible with cutting edge technology."

Linnea Tscheuschner


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