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Complementary Skills Webinar ETHICS Impression of ESR Mohammad Akrami-Hasan-Kohal

“The development of animals' usage in the studies and research gets more attention to their welfare and ethics during the research procedure. Publications and evidence about the general ethical consideration and choices in animal experiments have two essential functions.

First, they develop the researcher's understanding of the practical methods of using animals in the study, experiment, and research. Secondly, they ensure that researchers are up to date on the accepted new methodology.

In this webinar, the ethics of animal use in research, we went through animal welfare and ethics during the in vivo assays. Moreover, the concepts of the "3Rs," which stand for "Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement", devised to provide a framework for carrying out animal research more humanely, were explained by bringing some novel case studies.

In a nutshell, despite various laboratory studies such as cellular and molecular sciences, many human health issues still require studying live animals. To do so, the observance of animal rights is the ethical duty of each researcher, which was presented competently to us, thanks to Professor Ismene Dontas, Professor Fragiska Sigala and our dearest colleague Maria Zacharopoulou.”

Mohammad Akrami-Hasan-Kohal


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