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"Complementary Skills Training Course 2" Impression of ESR Miloš Anić

"The "Personal effectiveness in the final stages of individual project" training was held in Athens together with "Promoting Gender Equality in Research and Innovation" training and was organized with the combined effort of NKUA and IBI from 15th to 30th of June 2023.

Presentations held during those days were very useful for engineers who previously didn't have any knowledge on anatomy, physiology, precision medicine and project management. Thus, these presentations have equipped us with knowledge necessary for better understanding of different things needed to successfully manage and make individual projects. Personally, I have changed a lot of personal perspectives of project management and learned how to establish a balance between professional and private life from that standpoint. Additionally, we learned a lot about the development processes and how much time and effort is actually needed for it.

In addition to the lectures, we got to see the beauty of Athens, the beauty of architecture and of crowded hospitals while also receiving training and getting valuable time from not only scientists but also clinicians.

We got to travel across the city, meet new people, learn new things and make valuable memories which we will cherish until the end of our lives.

All in all, I really enjoyed the training, I was able to take home many new impressions and ideas and I feel like we grew closer together as a team".

Miloš Anić ESR2, UOI

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