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"Strategic Project Management in Scientific Research" Webinar

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

On December 11th, 2023 partner EXELIXIS organized a twofold online webinar for the DECODE ESRs. The main topics were the Strategic Project Management (SPM) in scientific research and the Scientific Reporting and Communication with the European Commission.

Key Insights:

Strategic Project Management:

• Key Components of Strategic Project Management

• The Role of SPM in Scientific Research

• Best Practices in Strategic Project Management

• Challenges and Measures

Scientific Reporting and EC Communication in Horizon Europe:

• Horizon Europe programme overview

• Continuous vs Periodic reporting

• Technical report – Part A

• Technical report – Part B

• Communication with the EC do’s and don’ts

🌐🔬 Stay tuned for more DECODE events decoding the secrets of successful scientific research!


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