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Complementary Skills Training Course 2, Seminars and Lectures

Our ESRs participated in the common secondment that took place in Athens Greece from 19th until 30th June, 2023 organized by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). Its main focus was to provide the students with clinical background related to PAD. Simultaneously, the ESRs had the opportunity to attend a series of engaging and exciting lectures organized by partner organization IBI Consultancy, focused on various topics, such as:

Ø Emerging risks in communicable diseases: antibiotic resistance, a silent pandemic

Ø Entrepreneurship opportunities within academia - Funding mechanisms for new entrepreneurs

Ø Gender equality in the era of the pandemic Covid-19

Ø Emerging technology; Autonomous driving

Ø Quality risk management in Pharma industry

Ø Drug coating balloon technology: a paradigm of innovation and risk management

Ø The intellectual property of leadership and the intellectual property sphere

Ø Gender equality in the workspace: work life balance, up skilling & mental health

Ø Training on managing emerging risks in innovation and new technologies

Ø Challenges from bench to the market

All students had the chance to interact with highly respected experts and professors and engage in enlightening discussions that had a very positive and beneficial impact on them.

Special thanks and acknowledgement to The American College of Greece, to The Mitera Hospital and to The Iatriko Athens Hospital for hosting our students in their premises and for guiding them through various important lectures and presentations.

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